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Mark Amir and Felicity Amir

Mark Amir and Felicity are Pastors, Evangelist, and founder of Revive Ministries International. They served as lead pastors at Revive Church Thailand, moved in New Zealand 2020 and is pioneering Revive Church International Auckland New Zealand. pastor Mark came to Christ in Pakistan at the age of 13, was filled with the Holy Spirit at 14, and then at 15 he hosted his first “mini” evangelistic crusade in Pakistan where over 2000 people came. He came to Thailand in 2005 to attend the Victory Bible College in Siracha, Thailand. In 2007 he came back as a full time missionary to Thailand based in Bangkok. He got married with Felicity from New Zealand in 2014 and God has blessed them with a beautiful daughter Aliza who is 5 years old and son Zion who is one 1year old. He has visited 13 countries to preach the gospel of the Kingdom. God is using him to bring salvation to the lost, healing to the sick, deliverance to the oppressed and encouraging many with the testimony of his faith walk

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