Pakistan Mission


Pakistan is 96 percent Muslim and only around 2 percent Christian. According to the constitution there is religious freedom in Pakistan, however despite this, Pakistani Christians are often persecuted and face many challenges.

Revive Church Pakistan has been meeting for the last 6 to 7 years as a house church, but now it has outgrown its current place of meeting.  As a church community, the believers were able to raise money and buy land to hold their services, they are currently meeting, holding open air tent meetings on this land.

This causes a variety of problems: It is very difficult to keep the people who are meeting safe, there is risk of terrorism, (as it is an open area), and the weather also causes problems throughout the year. In its current form, this place of meeting is not ideal for long term use.

Revive Church building project requires approximately 20,000 US Dollars and so far we raised 10,000 USD to see this property developed and built into a church auditorium, Sunday school rooms and a pastor’s house.
We would love to connect with people who have a heart to see this church community blessed by the giving of donations towards this building project.

We wish to create a “Safe Place” for families to gather and worship God.

We appreciate each one of you and the sacrifices you make in order to help us bear eternal fruit.

Agree with us in your Prayers for a beautiful building like these ...

Pastor Barnbas Zafar

Pastor Barnbas Zafar started his ministry by opening a daily prayer meeting run from his home, he has run this faithfully for the last 15 years. Around 7 years ago he opened a house Church and two years ago was able to buy this land, on which he has faithfully continued to hold Open air tent meetings.

Pastors Mark Amir and Felicity

Pastors Mark Amir and Felicity of Revive ministries have been connected and have worked alongside this church community for 7 years. We encouraged Ps Barnabas to plant this church and have been overseeing him in this. We would love to see this community established with a church building.